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Welcome to MySBM!

Welcome to the newest application from Imagination for People, MySBM!

We’re really excited to share My Social Business Model (MySBM) with you. Trust us, it’s been a long journey. We’ve finally ironed out all the code though and we think you’ll like the result.

MySBM was born of many months of discussions with social entrepreneurs, social project leaders, management consultants, CEOs and others interested in making a positive change in the world. The result? An interactive business model application that helps you think about every facet of your social project. (Check out our FAQ to learn more)

What’s in it for my social business?

Maybe you already have some business experience. Or maybe you’re worried about ending up with a generic business model. But the truth is, there isn’t anything quite like MySBM online today. Seriously!

Your project is unique. Even if everyone using our app is asked the same questions, everyone’s answers will be totally different. The result? You’ll end up with a personalized, well-rounded business model.
Even if you have a great business background it can always be helpful to have an outside perspective. Our questions help with this!
It’s true that for-profit business models exist (Business Model Generation for example) but nothing exists that is designed specifically for social entrepreneurs.It’s completely free to use! We’re particularly attached to free tools at Imagination for People.

What do you know about social business?

We’re not starting from scratch, either. Imagination for People has the benefit of having looked at 2500 social projects from around the world through our online platform. These projects have helped us ensure that all the key questions are covered to help you turn your idea into a successful social business. We really want to help guide you through the potential hazards of designing your social business model.

And with all that said, we wish you the best in your discovery of MySBM! Test the tool, send us your comments and we promise to keep improving it!

All the best,

The MySBM Team

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